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Vurvey Creators: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about being a Vurvey Creator

How do I take part in surveys?

  • To participate in surveys (or as we call them, Vurveys) please fill out the form on https://vurvey.co/creators to become a Vurvey Creator!

What's a Vurvey Creator?

  • Vurvey Creators is the term we use for our community! Participating in a Vurvey allows you the opportunity to directly co-create alongside brands, big and small, shaping the future of your favorite products – and often, creating new. Becoming a Vurvey Creator is 100% free!

When do I get to participate in a Vurvey?

  • As soon as a project becomes available, our team will reach out to you with a screener to see if you are a good fit! If you are selected, you will receive an invite in your email and on your Creator dashboard!

Can I test Products?

  • Yes, we have regular product testing Vurveys that you can participate in! Sign up for Vurvey Creators, engage in the screeners and projects sent to you, and you’ll unlock the ability to test new and upcoming products from brands, while giving your direct feedback!

How much am I paid for completing a Vurvey?

  • This varies from project to project, and you’ll be shown the amount before starting. Some Vurveys require you to do more, and as such, will result in a higher compensation. We have a variety of project types; ranging from concept testing, to product testing, video feedback, polls, and more!

How and when do I get paid?

  • We process payments every two weeks but we ask to allow up to 30 days for verification and processing. Payments come to your email where you’re able to redeem your incentive for cash (deposited via ACH), PayPal, gift card, etc.

Is this for real? 

  • Yes! Vurvey was created to help companies create better products and ideas for their consumers, through collaboration. As a Vurvey Creator, you are given the unique opportunity to be able to Co-Create with brands from all around the world!