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How to Add a Contact and Create a Segment

Tutorial on Creators, and Contact segments in Vurvey

There may be times where you find yourself working with the same audience multiple times. Vurvey's "Audience/Contacts" feature is very handy for this scenario!

This article will walk you through how to add contacts, and create segments. Let's jump in!


Step 1: Click on “Creators” on the Navigation Sidebar



Step 2: Click on “Add Contacts” in the top right corner.



Step 3: Add as many email addresses as you would like separated by a comma (i.e. example.email@example.com, test.testing@test.com) and click add contacts.


Once you have completed these steps, you will see all of the contacts you’ve entered on the “Contacts” page.

Now let’s walk through one of Vurvey’s most valuable features, Segments.

Segments allow you to target specific audiences to get the feedback that means the most to you and your audience!

Creating a Segment is extremely simple.

Step 1: On the Creators tab, click on “+New Segment”.



Step 2: Give your segment a name and press enter on your keyboard.



After that, you will see your segment in the sidebar!



To add contacts to your segment, click on the segment you just created, and follow the same steps we used above to add contacts!


If you have any issues following these steps, or any other questions, please send us a message through the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen, or email us at support@vurvey.co and we will be happy to assist you.