How to Get the Most Responses to Your Vurvey

Make this a fun experience for everyone!

While you are creating your Vurvey, it is important to ensure that you are not only asking questions that are necessary for your research, but that you are engaging the consumers! Make sure you check out the Best Practices for Creating a Vurvey article before you get started!

Refrain From Asking Redundant Questions

Creating an engaging Vurvey is essential to keep consumers interested. Be sure not to ask redundant questions in your surveys. This prevents people from giving boring responses that aren't very beneficial for research.

Keep it Short and Simple

Keep your questions and Vurvey short and simple. Long surveys can often be daunting for people to complete so they will choose to opt out. To prevent that from happening, make sure your questions are straight to the point so consumers know exactly what you are asking!

Make it FUN!

This should be a fun experience for everyone involved. You can add photos and even emojis to your Vurvey, this can help make your Vurvey really stand out and make it memorable. Not only does adding photos allow you to truly customize your Vurvey, it makes it a lot more entertaining for consumers!