How to Increase Your Vurvey Response Rate

Learn How to Maximize your Vurvey Response Rate

There are many factors that can affect how many responses you receive to each Vurvey you send out. In this article we will discuss some of the best practices we recommend to get the highest response rate possible with Vurvey.

1. Tell your audience

I think all of us have been guilty at one point or another of having and extremely full email inbox. A lot of times, the random emails we get just seem unimportant, and are not worth taking the time to go through and open. However, if someone I know, or a company I recently visited lets me know that they will be sending me an email or message, I am much more likely to open that email when I receive it because I was expecting it.


The same goes for sending Vurveys to your audience. Avoid blindsiding your audience by sending out Vurveys at random. You may still get some responses that way, but your response rate will be much higher if your audience is expecting the Vurvey link to come through, rather than being surprised by getting the link.


Let's walk through an example dialogue. For this example, let's say you own a retail storefront. While the customer is at the register completing the transaction, you can simply say something along these lines:


"Would it be alright if I sent you a link to leave us some feedback on your experience"?


It's that simple!

2. Value their time

For most consumers, purchasing a product can be an emotional experience. To maximize the amount of feedback you receive, we recommend sending out a Vurvey to your audience as soon after their transaction as possible! The longer you wait, the less likely your audience will be to engage and provide the feedback that you are looking for. Strike while the iron is hot!


Acting quickly allows you to ask your audience questions like the one below.


For product testing, it may take a little bit longer for your audience to gather all their thoughts and feelings on your product. Even with product testing, don't wait too long to ask for feedback!

3. Follow up afterwards

We all know that life is busy! Your audience may have every intention of responding to your Vurvey and giving you feedback, but sometimes life has different plans and things get forgotten. We suggest following up with your audience 1 to 2 days after sending out your Vurvey. This can help you collect some of the responses that you may have otherwise missed out on.


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