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How to Use Vurvey for Concept Feedback

Using Vurvey is a great way to get feedback on your great new product ideas! Because Vurvey is a video survey platform, the power of the feedback you receive is much more powerful than a typical text-only survey. If you've sent out a product concept to your test group, they can now record a video with the product, pointing out exactly what they like and dislike.


Let's walk through an example.


For this example let's say we're a sneaker company looking to get some feedback on our new sneaker concept. You can see that we have our sneakers, and are asking our audience to rate the concept, as well as tell us what they like and dislike about our product. Vurvey even allows you to attach an image of your concept!


You could also ask questions like the one below:


Imagine how powerful this could be when a customer has your product in hand, and is giving you direct feedback about your product! The possibilities are endless! Use Vurvey to create the perfect product that your consumers want!

Here are just a few other things you could use Vurvey to test out:

  • Value PropositionsValidate solutions that address pains & gains

  • New Business ModelsSupport disruptive thinking and blue oceans

  • Early Sketches See what ideas really stick and why

  • Product RenderingsGet design input on key features

  • Marketing & Creative AssetsTest strategies and tactics before launch

Send out a Vurvey today! If you need help getting started shoot us a message through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen, or send us an email at support@vurvey.co