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How to Use Vurvey for Mobile Ethnography

Vurvey makes ethnography, digital diary studies, and in-home meetings a breeze by turning any device with a browser into an easy-to-use collection experience. Vurvey’s platform uses the web browser, microphone, and camera to collect video responses in addition to quantitative data. No apps required, no downloads, or special plug-ins.


To help you collect the data that matters most, Vurvey’s questions can be designed to include multiple-choice and videos. This format helps collect quantitative data with detailed video explanations of why a participant feels a specific way about the topic.

We suggest using a mixture of all question types to receive the best qualitative and quantitative data possible.


Vurvey’s Builder includes:

  • Introduction screen to guide consumers where/when/how to best respond

  • Drag-and-drop interface to add, edit, copy, or sequence questions

  • Ability to Upload images and/or video stimulus

  • Ability to Randomize responses

  • Ability to select length of desired video capture to guide consumers on-screen

  • Emoji support to add some ❤️

  • Realtime Previews to test the experience

  • Publish settings with private invites and secure link sharing


After you’ve set up Vurveys for each Diary or research experience, it’s time to publish them. Responses come immediately into the Responses tab, so you can have a real-time view of the entire experience. If you missed something or want to add another question, the Builder is accessible to edit live.


Once responses appear in Vurvey, you can:

  • View Transcripts that are automatically generated from the video

  • Highlight quotes and time codes

  • Mark transcripts as “Reviewed” to collaborate with team members

  • Download, delete, or watch videos in-app

  • Filter and sort content based on duration, likes, most recent

  • Search keywords, highlights, or by demographics

With responses recorded on consumer’s smartphones, you get an inside look into all of the pain points, delighters, products, and experiences that drive consumer behavior.


Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Collect Daily, Weekly, Monthly diaries to understand behavior over time

  • Conduct Show & Tell activities to see what is currentlly used

  • Walk-through activities to understand the steps of a process

  • Encourage Shop-alongs to understand navigation, design cues, and perception

  • Challenge participants with “Making-it” activities to see what they would build and why

If you have any questions or want to talk through use cases with a professional on our team, send us a message through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen, or shoot us an email at support@vurvey.co