How to Use Vurvey's Augmented Reality Feature

Learn how to take advantage of 3D Objects in your projects

There are an endless number of ways that you can use Vurvey's Augmented Reality (or AR) feature. This article will walk through using the feature, and how to upload a 3D file type for your respondents to interact with.


Before reading this article, we would suggest that you speak with a member of your technical team, and review the below articles to get a good understanding of how to create, compress, and work with 3D file types.

Once you feel comfortable with the processes and information above, the first step will be to add a Multiple Choice + Video, or Multiple Choice question to your Vurvey. You will now see that there are two new buttons under your question's title; Add image, and Add 3D/AR.


When you click on Add 3D/AR, you will be prompted to upload either a USDZ or GLB file. The articles linked above walk through how to work with these file types.


Please Note: The process of uploading a 3D file type can take more time to upload as these files are larger than typical image files.


Once the upload is complete, you can preview your file, and click Save.


Now that your image has been uploaded you will be able to see it in your question as well as interact with the 3D object. Once your Vurvey is published, your audience will be able to interact with it as well!


Please Note: Augmented Reality for iPhone is currently only supported through the Safari browser. If your respondents are using Safari they will be able to place and interact with the 3D object in their surroundings (i.e. placing a bottle on the table, or a brush on the bathroom counter). If the respondent is using Chrome, they will only be able to freely manipulate the object as shown in the .gif above.

We understand that using augmented reality and 3D File types may be a very new concept to some users.


If you have any issues, or run into any roadblocks, please send us a message through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, or send us an email at and we would be happy to assist you.