How to Use Vurvey's Reels Feature

Learn how to leverage Reels in your research

Vurvey's Reels feature is finally here! 🎉🎉

This article will walk you through everything you need to know to compile awesome highlight reels and share them with stakeholders and team members internally.


The first thing you will notice the next time you login to your Vurvey account will be that the sidebar now includes the "Reels" icon.


Clicking on this icon will bring you to your Reels dashboard. All of the Reels that you and your team have created will be stored here.


If you haven't created any Reels yet, your screen may look a little different than the one above. In that case, let's walk through how to add a video to a Reel!


The first step to adding something to a Reel is to click on the Campaigns icon, look at your active Campaigns, and click on the results section of one of your surveys.


We have added an icon to the video response screen that allows you to add a specific video to one of your Reels directly from your response screen.


When you click this icon, you will be prompted to select which Reel you would like to add the clip to.


Select the Reel you would like to add the clip to, and it will then show up in your Reels dashboard.


This is the Reels editor. As you can see in the example below, we have added multiple clips to our Reel. Let's learn how to edit this and get it ready to present to our teams!

To edit your Reel, click on the "Edit" button.


Your Reel name and description are completely customizable just like everything in Vurvey!


To trim down a portion of a response, simply click and drag the sliders to the time stamps you'd like to highlight in your Reel.


Another thing that is really cool about Vurvey's Reels feature is that you can rearrange the order in which your clips appear. To rearrange and reorder your clips, or delete clips, the icons on the right side of each clip will allow you to edit and rearrange each section.


Once you have edited your Reel and have everything just the way you want it, click on "Done Editing".


Similar to when you publish a Vurvey, there is a sharing option for your Reels and a pre-generated link that you can easily send to anyone! Another nice thing here: There is no need to have a Vurvey account to view a Reel to make it even easier to share your findings with stakeholders!


Now your Reel is ready to be shared with the world!

We're excited to see what you can do with the Reels feature.

If you have any questions, please send us a message through the chat bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen, or send us an email at