Saving Time With Video Controls and Timecodes

Thanks, everyone for all of the feedback on our public launch. It was amazing to see all of the different ways that teams are using Vurvey!

This sprint focused on updates to simplify adding new users and lay the groundwork for search. Here are all of the updates that just launched:

  • 💯 We simplified how to Add Users to your workspace. Once you send invites, team members will automatically be added to your workspace after users create their Vurvey account. This eliminates the need to 'accept' invitations and streamlines getting new users in your workspace.

  • 🕓 Timecodes have been added to Transcripts. For our Pro and Enterprise plan users, video transcripts now have timecodes for each sentence pairing. The timecodes are clickable and will jump you to the exact spot in the video. In addition, we now track time for each Vurvey on your dashboard to help understand how much content you've collected.

  • 🎧 Video player controls include volume and full screen. Thanks for the feedback here! We added features to the video player on Response detail pages to include the ability to change the volume for audio and also go full screen.

  • 🤖 Improved visibility to access and manage workspaces. Sign-in screens now feature a "Remember Me" checkbox to minimize the number of times that you need to enter passwords. In addition to adding options to delete your workspace, we also now show how much time is remaining on your subscription.


  • 🐞 Bug fixes and feedback screens. We posted an update that addresses an error when using the 'copy' function to duplicate a vurvey. Also, implemented specific error pages and messaging to inform users what's happening and assist in troubleshooting.

  • 🔍 Created plumbing for search. As teams are collecting more and more content, search is becoming a hot topic. We designed a search experience to help users find vurveys, questions, transcript quotes, and sort responses. This will be launching in phases over the next couple of sprints.


Thanks again for supporting our team. We will be back with another round of updates in the next 2 weeks. Questions? Email our team at